December 12, 2016 natrivera

Let’s state the obvious, I am not a good writer. Today I tackle this weakness in my portfolio by creating, what I hope becomes, a weekly blog. Here, I will write about my journey to become a Data Scientist. That includes, updates about school, certain projects I work on, building a professional network to get internships and jobs, as well as updates on my personal life.
As of December 2016, I have completed most of my general education requirements at a couple of local community colleges. The latest, and most influential in my academic career, being Chaffey Community College in Rancho Cucamonga, California. In the Fall quarter of 2016, I transferred to Cal Poly Pomona as a Business Administration Major with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. I was advised at Chaffey College to change from Computer Science as a major to CIS because it will be quicker to complete. Business school is turning out to be a great choice. As you can tell, I am happy that I changed my course of study. I feel that no matter what type of career you choose, a background in business will be a great asset and give you a competitive advantage when looking for promotions. Even engineers need to managed, right?
In starting this blog, I hope to achieve a few things. First, I want to become a better writer. What better way than to practice and write about the week to week life. Next, is to get some exposure to WordPress. As I progress through Cal Poly Pomona I hope to get a job as a social media manager for a small company, or help desk support IT. Working with WordPress seems like good practice for working with websites and customizing them. Lastly, I would like to look back at this project and see how I progress. I have no experience with blogs and I have not ever read a blog. So, I’m not sure what to do but I’ll pick it up as I go along.
One final note, I decided to get into the programming game a little over a year ago after leaving my job of 8 years as a satellite technician looking for something more challenging. I considered my different options like boot camps, self study, and college. I eventually decided on going to college because it seemed the safest choice. It will take me many years to complete my studies but I don’t mind the work and so far I have enjoyed being a student.

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