January 4, 2017 natrivera

Yesterday was the first day of the winter quarter at school. I enrolled in 15 units, 4 classes, and wait listed in one class. Since that last class is full, I decided to drop it and I’ll keep my current schedule of four classes. Luckily I was able to find a schedule where I go to school only two days a week.

For the record, the classes I’m enrolled in are:

  • CIS 231 Funf of Comp Info Sys
  • CIS 310 Management Information Systems
  • BIO 110 Biology
  • MHR 301 Principles of Management

My first thoughts on these classes

CIS 231 – Looks like I’ll be working with other students building websites as well as using those skills to build a personal portfolio. I’m really happy to work on those skills, that is why I started this wordpress blog, so a plus.

CIS 310 – Using tools like excel and access from the microsoft suite I’ll learn to create business documents to be used make important budget decisions in business applications. Also, I’ll get to work on my 30-second elevator speech, that sounds interesting.

BIO 110 – This is an online only section. I’ve taken a few online classes and I feel comfortable with that format. Looks like this class will cover life science and does not look like there will any projects, just quizzes and exams. I’ll study up and be prepared.

MHR 301 – This class only meets on Thursdays, so I haven’t been to the first class.I’ll update  it when I have more information.

Edit- This class requires that I write two papers. One for a team project and another one alone. The class covers the principles of management and I hope I can learn a lot from it.

Personal goals for this quarter

Well, I will obviously be aiming for straight A’s in all my classes. Aside from that, I really want to find an internship as a research assistant. Research assistant would be a good addition to my graduate school application, specifically for a career in Data Science. Hopefully something that pays and pays well, but at least I would like to find a new source of income. Income that I can use to find a new place to move in to. I would like to find a place that I can stay while I finish both undergraduate and graduate school. Another goal is to join a student club. The CIS department has a few different options, currently it looks like either SWIFT or MISSA are the best options. I will look for the one that offers experience similar to work in Data Science. I have to prepare for and take the GWT, which is a writing test required in the junior year for all Cal Poly Pomona students. I hope that writting for this blog will serve as practice for this test.

What’s next

I stopped writing after creating my first blog post last month. I need to push myself to continue to add to this online journal. Luckily one of my classes this quarter has a section on working with websites and specifically WordPress. In the future I’ll mix up the blog format from free form, to essay format, and article style. Each of these formats has an advantage and I can see using each format in the future in my professional career.

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