Financial Calculator

A calculator built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript that is a replica of the popular model used in many business schools across the country.

Why I built this.

In my current job as a tutor to my fellow students, I conduct workshops that vary from teaching specific skills like using software to midterm and final review. One such workshop has me teaching students how to use a financial calculator to conduct common time-value-of-money calculations, such as future value and net present value. I noticed that some students would either show up with no calculator or forgo the workshop altogehter because they did not yet have access to one. So, I put together this web version to increase attendance to my workshop.

How I built this.

This calculator was put together using only front end technologies. Written on the Atom IDE, I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and BootStrap languages. Bootstrap’s grid system was extremely helpful in setting up the user interface. Most of the heavy lifting is done with plain vanilla javascript but I did use some JQuery to move around variables. The algorithms was where I spent most of my time on this project. Particularly translating my finance class’ notes to actual JavaScript. Nevertheless, this was a really rewarding project to work on.

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