Languages: HTML , CSS , JavaScript , AJAX , JSON

Tools or IDE: Atom IDE , Weather API , Location API , Browser’s Session Storage

Date: December 2017

Description: This web app is meant to be a homepage for every time you open your browser.

When you open this page you will

  • See a new image as a background that features beautiful landscape.
  • Be greeted with a time-appropriate and personal named message.
  • A list of links that can be deleted, added, or updated and will be stored for the next time you open the same page.
  • See date, time, and local weather.
  • City can be changed by zip-code and preference will be stored.
  • Fahrenheit vs Celsius can be set.
  • Option to change the color of the text to better fit the background image. (Color preference will be stored for user.)
  • Option to reset all settings.



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